Taste of the sea: Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel is a small icecream parlour nestled among rows of eating places at Upper Thomson. I came across this place in search for alternative sources of desserts when the Scoopz wasn’t open one day. For some reason, i’ve never taken notice of this icecream parlour even though i’ve walked past that row of shop houses numerous times. Perhaps the simplicity of the design just didn’t grab my attention, but now that i’ve tasted the icecream, i’m definitely going back!

The interior is rather spacious, with numerous white tables and creative posters framed up on its ivory coloured walls, each featuring one unique flavour they offer. Naturally, i decided to go for their signature flavour, Salted Caramel. I mean, the flavour must be really one-of-a-kind for them to use it as the shop name!

As the name of the flavour suggests, the icecream does have a slight saltiness to it, but not to an overwhelming extent. A perfect balance between salt and sugar if you ask me. For some reason, my first spoon of Salted Caramel smacked of the sea, not in the salty sea water kind of sense, but more of the feeling of sitting by the seaside, basking in the warmth of the evening sun as you listen to the waves crackle as they meet the shore. As for the second spoon of Salted Caramel, well, it reminded me of the times i dipped my MacDonald’s french fries in my 50 cent vanilla cone icecream before eating them. Haha!

I tried the Chocolate Sorbet too, although i’m not exactly sure how it’s a sorbet. Sorbets are suppose to be made mostly of forzen water. Imagine a denser form of Ice kachang, except with finer ice crystals. Well, no matter coz this flavour was really good too! Chocoholics, this is a must have! Chocolate Sorbet is essentially chocolate icecream, really really rich chocolate icecream. But don’t worry, it’s not excessively sweet!

Overall, i’d say that Salted Caramel produces really good icecream. It’s soft and creamy, and if you’re into alcohol, they have several alcoholic flavours like Baileys. It’s a perfect place to hang out at night with your friends(: Let’s get high on icecream.

Address:  246F Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574370

Opening Hours:

Sun-Thurs : 1200-2300  Eve of Public holiday, Fri and Sat : 1200 – 0200

Website: http://www.saltedcaramel.sg/


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