Perfect Valentine cupcake: 12 Cupcakes

And we’re back to cupcakes! After trying out the Red Velvet Vixen from Sonja’s Cupcakes ( a cupcake shop in Philippines ), my mother and I went out in search for a cupcake of comparable quality in Singapore! We stumbled upon a shop called 12 cupcakes at United Square. I’ve heard about this cupcake bakery before. It ‘s established by a celebrity couple, Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong. With a star couple like them, it really isn’t that difficult for news to spread about their venture into the baking business. Of course, fame can only get them so far if the cupcakes aren’t good!My very first impression upon entering the bakery was one that struck of poshness. Imagine a jewelery shop with those glass displays of necklaces and rings. Now replace the jewelery with…cupcakes, really pretty cupcakes. Each cupcake on display were beautifully bathed with swirls of frosting and decorated with candy. You get a sense that each cupcake is made with love; the kind of love you’d get when you’re out to make a striking first impression by baking for your first date. Aesthetics aside, attention is paid to even the packaging of the cupcakes. If you intend to get an individual cupcake for someone, it comes in a hexagonal box that gives the receiver a good 360 view of the little beauty. As for the larger boxes, small details such as cut-outs for your fingers to reach into the cupcake holders with ease, reminds you that the couple are really out to make the whole cupcake eating affair complete. A perfect gift for a friend!

My parents tried the Chocolate Chocolate and said it was delicious. Well I decided to go for the Red Velvet  for comparison purposes haha. For a start, I’m glad that they didn’t overuse red colouring just to achieve a red coloured cake. This Red Velvet had a natural crimson colour. Overall, I’d say it’s a delicious cupcake, but not to die for. If you like light fluffy cupcakes with a slight crumble, you’d enjoy this. But personally, I prefer cupcakes with a denser texture. The cream cheese frosting was very light, with a consistency that reminded me of custard, and it tasted just like…a typical cheesecake Haha. To top it of – a red heart (:

Address: 202 Thomson Road #B1-60 United Square, Singapore

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm



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