Sonja’s Cupcakes

My mother just came back from the Philippines and bought back a box of cupcakes which she described as being “pretty” through a text message while I was in camp. Well, the cupcakes aren’t exactly pretty in the flower-sprinkles kind of way but the colours of the frosting remind you the toy cupcakes from a doll’s tea set.

Her friend from Philippines recommended her cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja, saying it was a must try and she even reassured my mother, saying “TRUST ME, I know my cupcakes.”

Indeedm she did know her cupcakes haha and the cupcakes were very delicious. The cake itself was moist and the frosting wasn’t excessive. the Red Velvet Vixen is touted to be one of the best cupcake flavours they have, and it was the best one out of the whole box. OMG and why is it RED. Yes it is, and I did my research. Turns out Red Velvet is a kind of cake that is brownish-red because of the reaction between cocoa powder and buttermilk, but obviously, this cupcake had a fair bit of red colouring to go with it too. The cream cheese frosting was what made the cupcake perfect. Too bad there was only one left. You little vixen.

I got to try the Vanilla Sunshine too. Isn’t it a sweet name (: What did you have for tea? oh nothing much, just Vanilla Sunshine. This cupcake isn’t red but the usual yellow cupcake colour. It’s topped off with a swirl of blue frosting with white chocolate sprinkles. Delicious too, but still not as great as the red vixen.

To bad you can’t get all this in Singapore T.T


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