Sunday Mornings(: : Breakfast at Coffee Bean

I love breakfast. Sometimes it feels as though my whole day depends on how good my breakfast is. Weekends are often the best, perhaps in part due to the breakfast I get to eat haha.

I wasn’t so keen on going to Coffee Bean to have my breakfast. I mean, their focus should be on coffee right? How good can the breakfast get? I didn’t want to pay for a large plate with two small slices of toasted bread . I’d rather go to the hawker centre for my usual fill of beehoon or curry rice.

My bro and I decided to try the Ultimate Breakfast set. Haha it was to our surprise very filling. Two thick pieces of toasted buns, salad with almonds and cranberries sprinkled on top, scrambled eggs and bacon (what’s a western breakfast without these two?) and lastly, two sausages and a beef patty O.O That’s alot isn’t it. Well it’s pretty expensive too so it had better be!

The coffee is refillable and I guess that’s something you can look forward to on a saturday morning if you’re not rushing off anywhere. Read the news, take a sip of coffee, a spoon of bacon and eggs…my saturday is gonna be awesome, I can already feel it.

Address:  238 Thomson Road   #02-04 Novena Velocity S307683

Opening Hours: 7am to 10pm


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